Find Airports and Cities Near Certain Locations With Our Flight Data

The API service to find airports and cities nearby a certain location is developed based on the databases about airports and cities which we maintains actually.

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Sources and process

The Nearby airports and cities API is founded on our airports and cities database. These are constantly expanding with more data as they become available to us through new data partnerships and data sharing.

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Nearest Airport API

We aim excellence in aviation data procurement. One of our densely used APIs is the Nearest Airport API. This API not only allows our clients to reach data about airports and cities that are nearby a destined location but it also is a great source for determining distances between airports.

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Type of location

City, airport, railway, bus station, heliport, seaport, etc.


Coordinates of location

IATA code, ICAO code, names, city code, country,Latitude, longitude, timezone.

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Using our dashboard you can track your daily requests query. Using that information you can scale up or scale down according to the data analytics

Start Small, then scale up

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