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Google Flights API – What Happened To It & Better Alternative

Google Flights API was once a popular tool for developers, and travel and airline businesses who needed flight-related data.

But something happened, and Google shut down its Flight API service.

Even though half a decade has passed, developers and businesses in need of it continue to search for it.

If you’re reading this blog, you must be one of them.

Unfortunately, what exactly you’re looking for is not around. But, in this blog, you will find out the history and features of Google Flight API and most importantly an alternative you can rely on for accurate flight-related data.

So, let’s get started…

What Was Google Flight API & How Did it Work?

The Google Flight API, popularly known as the QPX API, was a revolutionary tool introduced by Google that allowed developers, travel, and airline businesses to access flight prices, timing, availability, and route data. The thought behind this API was to pave a new path in the world of travel tech and help businesses and travelers to get easy access to flight information.

It operated by pulling flight data from relevant sources to show a variety of flight options at once.  Whether prices dropped or flight times changed, the API kept users informed on the go.

Inception & Shut Down Of Google Flight API:

On July 1, 2010, Google announced the acquisition of ITA Software Inc to create a new, easier way for users and businesses to find better flight information online, which should encourage more users to make their flight purchases online  

However, in 2018, Google decided to shut it down as interest waned among travel companies and users. After ending access to the public-facing Google Flight API, google suggested getting access to flight information either through the QPX enterprise product ITA matrix or Google Flight Search which is still accessible today for travelers. However, developers and travel businesses lost a Flight API they could blindly rely on to build innovative travel applications.

Features and Capabilities:

Beyond accessing fundamental flight details like prices, timings, and routes, the API boasted real-time updates. This meant that if a flight was delayed or if there was a sudden flash sale, the tool would immediately reflect these changes. Its dynamic nature, combined with its comprehensive data reach, made it a trusted source for accurate flight information.

Utility for Developers and Businesses:

For developers, the QPX API was a boon. It provided a robust backbone for building or enhancing travel applications which helps them to fetch and display diverse flight options without individually partnering with each airline. Meanwhile, businesses, especially those in the travel sector, utilize the API to offer value-added services to their customers so that they can provide the most up-to-date travel options to enhance user experience and trust.

Why Travel Industry Needs A Reliable Google Flight API Alternative?

The travel industry craves a reliable Google Flight API alternative due to the pivotal role flight data plays in fueling operations and customer satisfaction. For travel businesses accurate real-time flight data is the backbone of offering competitive prices, optimizing itineraries, and ensuring seamless travel experiences. Since Google retracted public Flight API access, the industry faces a void in finding reliable options for accessing accurate real-time flight data. 

While numerous companies have acknowledged the importance of flight data within the travel industry and introduced their travel APIs, it’s essential to note that not all Flight APIs are equally capable of providing the most precise and reliable data. Therefore, below we have explained how FlightAPI is the best alternative for Google’s API. 

How FlightAPI is a Viable Alternative for Google Flights API?

FlightAPI has stepped up as a solid alternative to Google Flights API. It offers fast and accurate real-time flight status, up-to-date airport schedules, and flight price comparison data from 700+ vendors. 


Here are the APIs offered by Flight API

These APIs are designed to be user-friendly and are easier to implement for addressing the needs of developers and travel businesses effectively. 

By offering a free trial option, along with budget-friendly subscription plans, and a commitment to delivering precise and fast data, FlightAPI effectively addresses the gap left by the absence of Google Flights API. 

This positions it as the preferred choice for those within the travel industry seeking reliable flight data solutions. For in-depth guidance on leveraging the FlightAPI, we recommend reading the API Documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The ITA Software API has been discontinued. It’s better to look for another alternative.

Yes, Google offers travel API. For flight prices, you can explore the Travel Partner Prices API available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. For hotel prices, Google provides the Hotel Prices API, which you can find documentation for on Google Developers. Also, explore a collection of travel APIs for developers in this blog, it includes a wide range of options for your travel data requirement.

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