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How To Get Flight Status Data?

Whether you run a travel company or a developer needs real-time flight status data, our step-by-step guide makes accessing this a breeze. 

Let’s begin by understanding the data you can get from a flight status API.

Type of Data You Will Get Through The API

  • Departure and arrival times
  • The current location of the flight
  • Flight delays and cancellations
  • Gate information

This is the sample response you will get by using this API:

 To know more check out the documentation from here.

How to Get Flight Status Data With an API?

We will sign up for a Flight Status API. This API provides free 30 credits for testing. Before we start coding you should read the documentation of this API. We will be using Python 3.x for this example. I am hoping that you have already installed Python on your machine and if not then you can download it from here.


You will have to download the requests library using pip.

pip install requests

This library will be used for making an HTTP connection with the API.

Getting Flight Status

For this example, we are going to track American Airlines(AA) flight number 15.

# Set your API key before making the request
import requests

resp = requests.get('https://api.flightapi.io/airline/Your-API-Key?num=56&name=AA&date=20240125')
print (resp.json())

In the above example, we are sending a GET request to /airline endpoint. We have passed the number of the flight as 56, the name as AA, and the date as 20240125 which means 25th Jan 2024.

Once you run this code you will get this JSON data.

[{'departure': [{'status': 'Scheduled', 'Airport:': 'MIA', 'Scheduled Time:': '10:45 PM,\xa0Jan\xa025', 'Estimated Time:': '10:45 PM,\xa0Jan\xa025', 'Terminal - Gate:': 'Terminal D - D30A'}]}, {'arrival': [{'Airport:': 'LHR', 'Scheduled Time:': '12:20 PM,\xa0Jan\xa026', 'Estimated Time:': '12:20 PM,\xa0Jan\xa026', 'Terminal - Gate:': 'Terminal 3'}]}]

This data contains every little detail like:

  • Status — Scheduled or Canceled.
  • Time of arrival
  • Terminal Information
  • Gate Information

With this API you can track any flight around the globe.

Why Use This?

Real-Time Updates:

This comes under one of the most demanding travel APIs. Using this you can access up-to-the-minute information which allows you to instantly adapt to any changes in your flight’s status.

Accuracy and Reliability:

These APIs get information from authoritative data sources to ensure that the information you receive is reliable and accurate.

Integration Capabilities:

You can seamlessly integrate with other applications to enhance your overall travel experience by connecting with the services you already use.

Cost-Effective Solution:

You can take a monthly subscription as per your uses to enjoy a budget-friendly option compared to traditional methods, without compromising on the quality and depth of the information you receive. 


Utilizing an API to get flight status data empowers airline and travel businesses and developers. Real-time updates, accuracy, and seamless integration capabilities redefine the operational efficiency of businesses. Getting flight status data is a breeze with our API, and the best part is, that you can try it for free with 10 API calls.

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